About A Trip To The Beach

One of our favorite Caribbean books of all time, “A Trip To The Beach”, by Mel and Bob Blanchard, is the captivating story of a couple from the northeastern United States who give up everything to move to the island of Anguilla, British West Indies, and open Blanchard’s Restaurant. We’ve both read it several times and highly recommend it to anyone who loves the Caribbean or anyone who has that common dream of packing up everything and making the Caribbean their home. It is a great airplane read, especially if you happen to be on your way to Anguilla.

People mentioned in A Trip To The Beach

Teddy the Taxi Driver was actually our driver when we visited Anguilla during our July 2008 trip to Anguilla.

We missed the authors, Melinda and Bob Blanchard, while dining at Blanchard’s Restaurant, but we hope to get the chance to meet them on our next visit.

Islands mentioned in A Trip To The Beach

Of course, Anguilla is the main island in the book.

Because residents of Anguilla typically shop on St. Maarten / St-Martin, and because the ferry to Anguilla departs from St-Martin, this two nation island comes up in the book.

Beaches mentioned in A Trip to the Beach

Blanchard’s Restaurant sits directly on Meads Bay Beach in Anguilla.

Restaurants mentioned in A Trip To The Beach

The main topic of the book surrounds the Blanchard’s opening Blanchard’s Restaurant in Meads Bay, Anguilla.

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