Welcome to our tropical travel website! We are Tiffany and Jeremy +2. I am Jeremy, Tiffany is my wife, and the “+2” represents our two girls, Kinsley and Bailey. We are a fun family from Illinois who loves to travel together – especially to tropical destinations! We also love writing about our travels and sharing photos and videos of our experiences with the hope that it will inspire others to see the best in each of the destinations we have been to.

Following Our Dreams

Our lives up here in Illinois are often very busy and hectic. I work in IT, Tiffany consults for a large company, and together we’ve run a growing lawn care company since 2006. We’ve made it a point to travel as often as possible, even if its not really in the budget. We’ve learned to sacrifice other things to make sure we have enough money to go when we want to go. During the winter, I am able to work remotely from almost anywhere, so we have taken some very long trips to the Caribbean, which has been a dream come true.

About Our Daughters

We have 2 beautiful, wonderful daughters – Kinsley (aka Bug) and Bailey (aka Sissy). They love to travel as much as we do. Kinsley’s first trip was at age 6 weeks – we took her on a week vacation to Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Sissy’s first trip was a month-long trip to St. Thomas at 3 months old. Both Kinsley and Bailey have grown to love the beach, happy hour dinners, and playing with new friends in the sand. We hope to build our family traditions around travel, and hope that some day they will bring their own kids with us on our crazy trips.

Our Caribbean Love Affair

We fell in love with the Caribbean during our honeymoon to Jamaica in 2004. It was our first time traveling outside the continental United States. Prior to our trip to Jamaica, we both spent time together and with our own families in Florida and other states on the mainland, but we didn’t really get the travel bug until our honeymoon. We can still remember the first time seeing the beautiful, crystal clear Caribbean waters at Sandals in Montego Bay, Jamaica. We could not believe how warm the water was! After the first minute in the water, we were hooked. It was also on that trip that we went on our first snorkel trip. The first time we put our faces under water, it opened up an entire new world for us. We are 150% sure we will spend the rest of our lives trying to see as many of the Caribbean islands as possible.

Travel Along with Us!

While the Caribbean is our favorite area to visit, we have slowly ventured out to other regions, including Mexico and Central America, with future plans to visit more exotic destinations. We hope you enjoy reading our stories and find the information we’ve provided to be useful. If you find anything interesting or enjoyable to read, please feel free to share, share share, and like, like like!