A photo of Jeremy venturing out to the water on Simpson Bay Beach, St. Maarten from our July 2008 trip.
Jeremy venturing out to the water on Simpson Bay Beach, St. Maarten from our July 2008 trip.

About the Beaches in St. Maarten and St-Martin

The beaches in St. Maarten and St-Martin are split up based on which side of the island they are on – Dutch or French. There are a wide range of beaches on this small island, including beaches with large waves, no waves, clothing and clothing-optional. Here are the ones we’ve visited.

Our Experiences with the Beaches of St. Maarten and St-Martin

We visited St. Maarten and St-Martin in July of 2008 and absolutely loved the island and its beaches. On the Dutch side of St. Maarten, we watched the planes land and did some “fence surfin” at Maho Beach. We loved floating in the smooth, large rolling waves at Mullett Bay Beach. One the French side, we did some (very interesting) people watching at active Orient Beach.

Beaches on St. Maarten (the Dutch Side)

Maho Beach

A photo of a jet coming in for a landing over Maho Beach, St. Maarten from our July 2008 trip.

Maho Beach is famous for its close proximity to the end of the runway at Princess Juliana International Airport. You may have seen our videos of this beach on TV, as they have been featured on ABC Nightline and other news shows. Regardless of the awesome view of the incoming jets, the beach itself is beautiful. Read more about Maho Beach…

Mullett Bay Beach

Mullett Bay beach is located in St. Maarten right on the western border of St. Maarten and St-Martin. It is a beautiful beach that typically has large, yet smooth swells, making it a fun beach to float around in all day.

Simpson Bay Beach

Simpson Bay Beach is a very large, crescent-shaped beach located on the south shore of St. Maarten. It is cut into two pieces by the manmade inlet to Simpson Bay. We’ve stayed on the shorter stretch of this beach in a condo at the Royal Palms Resort.

Beaches on St-Martin (the French Side)

Orient Beach

Orient Beach is a very active beach, probably due to the heavier surf. You can rent jet skis and other sport equipment. If you are feeling good about yourself, you can cross the rocks at the far end, and the beach becomes clothing-optional. We ventured down to check it out, but kept our clothes on.