Caribbean Beers

Here is a list of the beers we have enjoyed (too much of) in the Caribbean and beyond. Our favorite beer by far so far has been Presidente, but we have enjoyed quite a few others as well. Keep in mind, we are not beer experts. We have attempted to give you as much information about the beers as possible, but have not analyzed the ingredients or manufacturing processes of them. Think of us as professional amatuer beer tasters. Yea, that sounds right.

Amstel Light

Amstel Light is not made in the Caribbean, but we enjoyed enough of them in St. Bart’s to add them to list.


Barena – Honduras

Barena beer is served on the Honduras Bay Island of Roatan. Read more about Barena Beer…

Carib – Trinidad

Carib beer is brewed in Trinidad, but is served throughout the Caribbean. This beer is very popular on the island of St. Maarten. We enjoyed quite a few of these on our July 2008 trip. Read more about Carib Beer…

Corona – Mexico

Due to its extensive distribution in the United States, most American beer drinkers have probably enjoyed a Corona or two. We’ve enjoyed them while in Riviera Maya and Cozumel, Mexico. Read more about Corona Beer…

Green Rock – Jamaica

While Red Stripe seemed to be the dominant, or at least the most advertised beer on the island of Jamaica, Green Rock beer was on tap at some of the bars at Sandals Montego Bay where we stayed during our July 2004 Honeymoon.


While Heineken beer is not necessarily a Caribbean beer, we did enjoy it quite a bit while in St. Bart’s.

Imperial – Honduras

A photo of an Imperial beer from Honduras on our January to February 2010 trip to Roatan.

Imperial beer is served on the Honduras Bay Island of Roatan. Read more about Imperial Beer…

Kalik – Bahamas

Kalik beer is from the Bahamas. Read more about Kalik Beer…

Kubuli – Dominica

Kubuli beer is from the island of Dominica. It comes in several varieties, including a Lime Shandy flavor. Read more about Kubuli Beer…

Made ‘ere – Jost Van Dyke, BVI

Made ‘ere beer is Foxy Callwood’s homemade brew served on Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands.

Medalla – Puerto Rico

We stayed in San Juan, Puerto Rico before our January 2009 eastern Caribbean cruise, and enjoyed way too many Medalla beers. Read more about Medalla…

Piton – St. Lucia

We enjoyed Piton beer in St. Lucia while on our January 2009 eastern Caribbean cruise. Read more about Piton Beer…

Port Royal Export – Honduras

Port Royal Export beer from Honduras on our January to February 2010 trip to Roatan.

Port Royal Export beer is a Honduran beer served on the Honduras Bay Island of Roatan. Read more about Port Royal Export beer…

Presidente – Dominican Republic

Presidente beer, or el Presidente, is Jeremy’s favorite beer in the Caribbean. Brewed in the Dominican Republic, it also comes in a light version so you can have a few more each day. Read more about Presidente Beer…

Red Stripe – Jamaica

Ah, the beer of Jamaica. We were bombarded with Red Stripe beer ads when we went to the Reggae Sumfest concert in Montego Bay, Jamaica during our July 2004 honeymoon.

Salva Vida – Honduras

Salva Vida beer is a Honduran beer served on the island of Roatan in the Honduras Bay Islands. Read more about Salva Vida Beer…

Sands – Bahamas

We enjoyed Sands beer while in New Providence (Nassau) in the Bahamas.


Read more about Skol beer…