Cinnamon Bay, St. John, United States Virgin Islands from our May 2010 trip.
Cinnamon Bay, St. John, United States Virgin Islands from our May 2010 trip.

About Cinnamon Bay Beach

Cinnamon Bay is a beautiful white coral sand beach on the north side of St. John in the US Virgin Islands. It is the longest beach on St. John, and is part of the Virgin Islands National Park.

Our Experiences at Cinnamon Bay Beach

We first visited Cinnamon Bay Beach during our May 2010 Trip. We snorkeled, ate lunch at T’ree Lizards Restaurant, and just relaxed in the sun. The water was absolutely beautiful.

Our second visit to Cinnamon Bay Beach was just a month and a half later during our July 2010 anniversary trip. This time it was completely different. A tropical low had been building over the Virgin Islands during our trip, and St. John had taken a pounding. We arrived at Cinnamon Bay Beach to find the runoff from the mountain rain had turned the water a dark brown color. Because of this, we didn’t stay very long and ended up heading back to Trunk Bay Beach for the remainder of the day.

Snorkeling at Cinnamon Bay Beach

The best snorkeling seems to be in the area around Cinnamon Cay. We have seen Parrott Fish, Yellow Tail Snapper, Spiny Sea Urchins, Fairy Basslets, Blue Headed Wrasses, and much more.

Lodging at Cinnamon Bay Beach

The Cinnamon Bay Campground is open to the public. Rates range from $30/night for a bare campsite (bring your own tent) to $155/night for a beachfront cottage.

Food and Drinks at Cinnamon Bay Beach

You can get a bite to eat at T’ree Lizards Restaurant, a Caribbean/American Bar & Grill.

Music Related to Cinnamon Bay Beach

Cinnamon Bay is mentioned in Kenny Chesney’s song, “Old Blue Chair”, on his album “Be As You Are (Songs from an Old Blue Chair).” There are two versions of the song on the album – track 1 is a studio version, track 13 is the “Ocean Mix”, which we like the best.