About Cinnamon Bay Loop Trail

The trail is located directly across from the entrance to Cinnamon Bay Beach. Its ruins are visible from the road, and there is a small area where you can pull over to take a look.


According to the sign at the main entrance, the trail is 1/2 mile long and takes approximately 30 minutes to hike. The sign also reads:
“Signs along the trail feature a variety of plants and animals that can be discovered while hiking through this moist tropical forest. Unlock the secrets of this verdant ecosystem by walking quietly and using your sense of hearing, smell and touch as well as your eyes.

Exhibits will also help to explain St. John’s land use history, which included extensive sugar cane cultivation between 1717 and the late 1800s.”

The Sugar Factory Ruins

There is a sign in front of the sugar factory that reads:

“Sugar Factory: Following its establishment in the early 1700s, Cinnamon Bay Estate became one of the most prosperous sugar cane productions on the island. To your left is the horsemill where the cane’s juice was squeezed out between iron rollers. It then flowed by gravity into the boiling room in front of you. The spent cane would be stacked in the bagesse shed (behind you) where it would dry to be used later as fuel for the fires under a series of boiling kettles. As you continue, walk through the boiling room and notice the remains of these couldrons on your right side.”

An interior view of the sugar factory.

A view from the backside.

The Bay Rum Still Ruins