About Confrontation, by Bob Marley

Bob Marley's Confrontation album cover.

Confrontation is one of my favorite Bob Marley albums. The strange thing is, it was produced and released in September of 1983, after his death, by Rita Marley, using unfinished songs that he left behind.

Songs on Confrontation

This album has a lot of my favorite Bob Marley songs on it, including: Chant Down Babylon, Jump Nyahbinghi, Blackman Redemption, and Rastaman Live Up!. It also contains two versions of the classic Buffalo Soldier.

Track Name
1. Chant Down Babylon
2. Buffalo Soldier
3. Jump Nyahbinghi
4. Mix Up, Mix Up
5. Give Thanks and Praise
6. Blackman Redemption
7. Trench Town
8. Stiff Necked Fools
9. I Know
10. Rastaman Live Up!
11. Buffalo Soldier (12″ Mix)

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