Florida is a great vacation destination!

Whether you love the beach, the sunny weather, the palm trees, or the attractions, Florida has a lot for everyone! Our favorite areas of the state include the Gulf Coast and the Orlando area…

Orlando and Central Florida

Orlando is home to one of the greatest vacation destinations in the United States – Disney World! Both Tiffany and I have been there many times. Our girls are in love with Disney World and all of the princesses and other characters, so we make it a point to take them there as often as possible. Besides Disney World, there are many other great attractions in central Florida, including Universal City Walk, Downtown Disney, and the Orlando Eye.

The Florida panhandle

Every other year, a large chunk of Tiffany’s family rent a beach house on the Florida panhandle. We’ve tried Destin, Navarre Beach, Panama City, and even stretched it a bit west to Gulf Shores, Alabama. The Florida beaches are the nicest, and we have all fallen in love with the beaches and surroundings in the Destin area.

The Gulf Coast of Florida

Recently, we have rediscovered the St. Petersburg / Clearwater / Tampa area of Florida’s western Gulf coast. St. Pete Beach is one of our top favorite beaches of all. We all love the warm water, and the girls love collecting seashells and playing in the shallow water. This area is sure to become a regular stomping ground for us in the future.

The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are the most unique part of Florida. They are a long strand of small islands off of the southwestern tip of the state. We love the culture, music, nightlife, and general quirkiness of Key West.

Florida is Drivable for Us

Since our girls turned 2 years old, we’ve had to double the number of airline tickets we have to buy to go on vacation. The biggest advantage Florida has over any Caribbean island, Mexican, or Central American destination is that it is drivable for us. Yes, you can drive to Mexico or Central America, but it is not the safest idea and would take forever – we will stick with Florida when we have to drive.

We will be Enjoying Florida for Years

Florida has so many great areas, we are sure we will continue to enjoy them for years to come. Hopefully some day we will have a great spot down there that we can call home. Until then…