A beautiful Jamaica sunset from our July 2004 honeymoon trip.
A beautiful Jamaica sunset from our July 2004 honeymoon trip.

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About Jamaica

Home to reggae music, jerk chicken, and great coffee, Jamaica has a very rich culture. Part of the Greater Antilles, Jamaica is located south of Cuba, between the Cayman Islands and Haiti.

Our Travels to Jamaica

Our July 2004 honeymoon to Jamaica was the beginning of a Caribbean obsession for us. Having never been to the Caribbean before, we were blown away by the beauty of the mountains rising up from the blue Caribbean Sea. The people we encountered were very friendly, we loved the music, the food was tasty, and the rum was excessive. From the moment we arrived on the island, we knew we would be returning to the Caribbean as often as possible for the rest of our lives. Thank you Jamaica! Read more about our travels to Jamaica…

Lodging in Jamaica

We have stayed at Sandals resort in Montego Bay, located directly on the beach, not too far from the Montego Bay Airport. Read more about lodging in Jamaica…

Safety in Jamaica

In the past, the people of Jamaica have never been afraid to stand up to the opression of their people. Occasionally, violence can erupt in certain areas of the island. Most recently, the town of Kingston has had issues with safety. Read more about safety in Jamaica…

History of Jamaica

From horrific bouts with slavery, to political uprisings, this island has seen it all. Read more about the history of Jamaica…