About Kubuli Beer

Kubuli is a beer brewed on the Caribbean island of Dominica. It is brewed by Dominica Brewery and Beverages, Ltd. Box 278, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica and is 5.0% alcohol by volume. Ingredients include malted barley, hops, and water. It was a “Monde Selection” in 2002 at Bruxelles.

Our Experiences with Kubuli Beer

We enjoyed Kubuli beer for the first time on our January 2009 Eastern Caribbean cruise while stopped at Dominica. While on Dominica, we took a tour of the island by taxi. Our driver, Ramon Legge, stopped at a local grocery store so we could pick up some beer for the ride. We always try the local beers, so when we saw Kubuli beer and the Shandy flavor, we grabbed a few of both. The Shandy came in both Lime and Ginger flavor. They had less alcohol by volume (2%) than the beer did.

Kubuli Beer comes in two Shandy flavors as well.
Kubuli Beer comes in two Shandy flavors as well.

Where can you find Kubuli Beer in the United States?

Good question…The answer is probably “nowhere.” We contacted their marketing department in January of 2010 and have yet to receive a response. According to their website, it doesn’t appear to be available outside of the Caribbean. Because Dominica is such a small island, my guess is that the beer will not get distributed to many other islands, if any at all. Besides, the best place to enjoy a Kubuli beer is while visiting Dominica! Be sure to add it to your travel bucket list. This beautiful island boasts tropical rainforests, black sand beaches, and a vibrant local culture.

Kubuli Beer Contact Info

Dominica Brewery and Beverages, Ltd.
Box 278
Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica
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