Cozumel | Riviera Maya

About Mexico

Mexico is a very diverse country that includes shoreline on the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea, the Pacific ocean, and the Gulf of California.

Our Travels to Mexico

In July of 2005, we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary with friends James and Autumn in Puerta Aventuras, Riviera Maya, Mexico. Our trip was disrupted by Hurricane Emily, and we had to be evacuated to an inland abandoned school. We made it out okay, but our resort took a direct hit from the storm.

We returned to Mexico on our New Year’s Eve 2010-2011 trip to the island of Cozumel. We went with our cousins Eric and Emily and had an awesome time. It was a great party trip and we got to see a lot of the island.


Cozumel is an island off the coast of the Riviera Maya area of Mexico. It has vast, beautiful beaches, and the southern tip, known as Punta Sur in Spanish, is a very beautiful natural area with stunning beaches and wildlife. Read more about Cozumel, Mexico…

Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya is the tourist area of Mexico’s Caribbean coast. There are dozens and dozens of resorts along the coastline. The water and beaches are very beautiful. Read more about Mexico’s Riviera Maya…