A photo of a Presidente Beer on Shoal Bay Beach, Anguilla, from our July 2008 trip to St. Maarten.
A Presidente Beer on Shoal Bay Beach, Anguilla, from our July 2008 trip to St. Maarten.

About Presidente Beer

Presidente beer is Jeremy’s favorite Caribbean beer. Brewed in the Dominican Republic, it comes in a regular and light version.

Presidente Beer Has Been Purchased

In March of 2012, Presidente Beer was put up for sale by its owners. The company was sold to Anheuser-Busch in mid-April 2012 for over $1.2 billion USD.

Where can I buy Presidente Beer in the United States?

Good question. We are currently working hard to locate a source for Presidente beer in the United States. Binny’s Beverage Depot’s website shows that they carry it, but our local stores in the Chicago area never seem to have it in stock. We are hoping to find a site where you can buy Presidente beer online. We had an online contact, but they were not able to ship outside of Maryland. It appears that the official website for Presidente Beer USA has been abandoned and has not been updated in a long time. We hope that the purchase of Presidente Beer by Anheuser-Busch will eventually result in more widespread distribution in the United States.

Our Experiences with Presidente Beer

We have enjoyed our Presidente’s quite often throughout our travels to the Caribbean. You will hear us mention it in many of our blog postings. We have been trying very hard to figure out where to buy it in the United States, but it looks like it is just limited to the east and southeast coasts (Florida, South Carolina, etc) for now, and there doesn’t appear to be a master list for it.

Presidente Beer Contact Information

Note: We attempted to call the number listed below and no one picked up. Presidente Beer USA was purchased by a larger company in 2012 and this location might now be closed.

US Website: http://www.presidente-beer.com/
Presidente Beer USA, Inc.
8250 Northwest 27th Street
Doral, FL 33122-1904
(786) 331-8138