A photo of a taxi van in Anguilla, from our July 2008 trip to St. Maarten.
A taxi van in Anguilla, from our July 2008 trip to St. Maarten.

About the Taxis in Anguilla

One of the ways to get around Anguilla is to take a taxi. There are many friendly taxi drivers ready to take you to your destination.

Our Experiences with the Taxis in Anguilla

We visited Anguilla in July of 2008 while on our trip to St. Maarten. We took a ferry from Marigot, St-Martin to Blowing Point, Anguilla. When we arrived, we cleared customs and headed outside where a taxi was waiting for us. Our driver was very friendly, and he was excited to give us a verbal tour of the island as we drove to our destination, Shoal Bay Villas. He told us about “the stoplight,” explained to us why a lot of the homes had flat roofs with rebar sticking up out of the top, and told us all about the lifestyle and culture on the island.

We later took a taxi from Shoal Bay Villas to Blanchard’s Restaurant, and were lucky enough to get “Teddy the Taxi Driver” as our driver. We read about Teddy in the book “A Trip to the Beach.”. He told us his amazing love story about how he waited years to marry his wife while she lived on St. Kitts and he on Anguilla.