About Transportation in St. Barthelemy

Ways we’ve gotten to and around in St. Barthelemy, French West Indies…

The two easiest ways to get to St. Barthelemy are to fly to St. Martin and take a flight or a ferry trip over.

St. Barths Airport (SBH)

Flying over is our favorite because the landing at St. Barths Airport is so exciting and dangerous.

Ferries to Gustavia Harbour

The ferry trip to Gustavia Harbour can be exciting too, but if people start getting wet, they will shut the windows…and that can only lead to one thing…sea sickness! (nothing a few el Presidente’s can’t take care of).

Both are exciting in their own way.

Rental Cars

On the island, there are many cars, and not much road. Most of the roadways are basically wide enough for 1 full sized car. Luckily, most of the rental cars are very small, compact vehicles that fit in perfectly.