About Transportation on St. Maarten and St-Martin

Transportation on St. Maarten and St-Martin consists of planes, ferries, taxis, and a public bus system called the Jitney bus.

Princess Juliana International Airport

The airport is located on the southwest side of the island in Dutch St. Maarten. The western end of the runway starts on Maho Beach, which is famous for its views of the incoming jets. Read more about Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM)…

Rental Cars

We rented a Jeep and drove over to Orient Beach on the French Side of St-Martin. I would recommend it to everyone. You can drive freely between the two sides of the island without going through customs or any roadblocks. The road is slightly dangerous due to the motorcycles constantly passing everyone, but the sights are breathtaking.


The Jitney Bus is probably the cheapest mode of transportation on the island. If I remember correctly, it was only a few dollars per person to get around.


Before we realized how cheap the Jitney bus was, we took a few taxis. Prices were typical of most islands we have been to. Taxis are ideal if you are going to dinner and will not be on the bus route, or if you will be out late. Just be aware of the condition of your driver. We once had a taxi driver offer us a ride home in between vomiting up his alcohol.


We took the ferry to Marigot, St-Martin from Blowing Point, Anguilla during our July 2008 trip. It took approximately 20 minutes, and was an exciting way to travel. Read more about ferries to St. Maarten and St-Martin…