Where is St. Thomas? Find out here.  A beautiful view of St. Thomas Harbor and Charlotte Amalie.
A beautiful view of St. Thomas Harbor and Charlotte Amalie, 28 January 2013.

Many People Ask “Where is St. Thomas?”

A lot of visitors to our website are looking to answer the question “Where is St. Thomas?” Perhaps they are deciding on a honeymoon location, heard about it from a friend or coworker, or they are just plain curious. Regardless of the reason, we will attempt to answer that question here.

The answer to “Where is St. Thomas?” really depends on what the person asking the question is looking for. That could be as straight forward as the location on a world map, or what island groups St. Thomas is a member of, both political and geological.

St. Thomas Island Groups

St. Thomas is a part of the Caribbean Islands, also known as the West Indies. Within the West Indies, it is in a group of islands known as the Antilles, more specifically, the Lesser Antilles. Within the Lesser Antilles, St. Thomas is part of the Leeward Islands. Finally, within the Leeward Islands, St. Thomas is in the United States owned portion of the Virgin Islands, sharing the other half with the British Virgin Islands.

St. Thomas Maps

This map of St. Thomas shows its location relative to the Caribbean region as a whole. You can see that it is southeast of the U.S. state of Florida, and just east of Puerto Rico.

View St. Thomas in a larger map

Zooming in, we can more closely see the location of St. Thomas relative to the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

View St. Thomas in a larger map

Zoomed into the Virgin Islands level, we can see that St. Thomas lies at the northwestern corner, just west of St. John and slightly west-southwest of the British Virgin Islands.

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Last but not least, here is a closeup map of the entire island of St. Thomas.

View St. Thomas in a larger map

Find Out More About St. Thomas

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